1956 Ford Custom Truck

This 1956 F100 was brought to the shop by its owner as a rusty old roller... The initial goal being a basic shop truck to represent the family company. The project has evolved to a nut and bolt restoration with showcar quality and custom engineering being at the top importance. Read further to learn more about the build...

The truck was originally bought as a two owner truck by Chris's grandfather and ended up sitting for the last 20 years. Upon the death of Chris's grandfather, the goal of restoration became at the forefront of the family's to do list. With the idea of comfort and nostalgia being at the upmost importance of this build, the team began on the long journey of transforming this truck into a symbol of timeless perfection.

1956 F100

272 Ford Y Block
  • Custom Suspension
  • Leather Interior
  • Vintage Rims
  • Copper Lines
  • All Metal Design

Build Goals

  1. Vintage Materials and timeless techniques will be used in this build to ensure that elegance but effeciency is at the forefront of each task
  2. Vintage Rim combination will be used to ensure that the modern fabrication techniques match the original intended look for the truck
  3. Real leather interior and wood trim is going to the the main material present is this build... Wooden truck bed and large rear window will be another upgraded feature of this build
  4. This will be an all metal build. Custom Fabrication techniques and time sensitive materials will also be at the forefront of this build.